Markets of applications

4 markets of applications selected in order to show all the possibilities of printing technologies to develop your business!


Le fil de l’innovation

Polyesters, cottons and linens, silks…
Printing on textiles has become a highly creative industry where the only limits are the imaginations of its users.

Well known for its uses in the field of personalised t-shirts, it now covers many sectors, notably fashion, visual communication, and interior design.

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From Packaging to mass personalization

When techniques for personalisation meet traditional workflows, mass production becomes a unique process.

Automobile, packaging, labelling, aviation, and all the major manufacturing sectors are now looking to meet the most unique of their customers’ needs by offering them customisable products.

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Interior design and communication

The printed interior design market carries the hopes of a profession that dreams of customising a multitude of locations.
From museums to shops, via houses, businesses, hotels, and restaurants, all these places have become mediums that are staged to communicate their strategy, world view, and values.

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From customised messages to materials

The “personal printer” is constantly evolving. In other words, a printer capable of continually drawing on their expertise to create unique solutions, according to their customers’ requests. The catalogue of standard solutions is no more. This new-generation printer is flexible. For them, each order is a new adventure. Personalising the message, the product, the space – that’s the challenge.

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