24 July 2017


catégorie Deco maker Deco maker catégorie Industrial printer Industrial printer catégorie Personal printer Personal printer catégorie Textile transformer Textile transformer COMMUNICATION, RETAIL, PACKAGING & TEXTILE: 4 KEY SECTORS
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#Hubs are a new kind of information space where you can meet experts, take stock of your market and discover the latest trends and innovations in your industry.


Deco Maker Hub

They transform spaces into media
The printed decoration market carries with it the hopes of a profession that dreams of customizing a multitude of spaces. From the museum to the shop, as well as from the home to the office or even from the hotel to the restaurant, all these spaces become the stage one uses to communicate their strategy, their world view and their values.


Le hub Personal Printer fait le lien entre digital et impression / print.

They only make them custom-made
The “personal printer” is a perpetually adaptable printer. In other words, a printer who is able to constantly summon their know-how to think up unique solutions, tailored to their clients’ demands. Say good-bye to the catalogue of set solutions. This new generation printer is flexible. For them, each order is a new adventure. The customization of the message, the product and the space: herein lies the challenge.


Le hub industrial printer s'adressent aux industriels avec une spécial focus sur le packaging.

Mass customization has no secrets for them
When customization techniques integrate traditional production flows, the mass product becomes unique. Automotive, packaging, labelling, aeronautics, etc. All major industrial sectors now seek to meet the most individual needs of their customers by offering customizable products. Today, the democratization of customization technologies is helping them considerably.


Le Hub Textile Transformer est dédié à tous les applications d'impression textile.

They weave the thread of innovation
Textile printing has become a very creative industry, limited only by the imagination of its users.
Well known for its applications in the field of custom-made T-shirts, textile printing has spread to many sectors.  Polyester, cotton, linen, silk…nowadays you can print on practically anything, to the delight of stylists, designers and interior designers.

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