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Décoration intérieure / Architecture commerciale / Agencement / Merchandising / Muséographie / Objets décoratifs / Evénementiel

Shapes, materials &

A market born from the meeting of two worlds: interior design and communication

The printed interior design market carries the hopes of a profession that dreams of customising a multitude of locations.
From museums to shops, via houses, businesses, hotels, and restaurants, all these places have become mediums that are staged to communicate their strategy, world view, and values.

The discussions that take place between agencies specialised in creating spaces that express an identity and printers are sources of strategies for growth.

The two worlds don’t necessarily have the same approaches or histories, but they are linked through the requirements of one and the expertise of the other.

The aim is to design original spaces where customisation is more than just personalised wallpaper, and more about touches of innovative materials, subtle finishings, impressive cuts, and stunning prints.

  • By developing neater printing solutions, manufacturers can open doors to the coveted world of interiors.
  • By working with luxury materials such as leather, wood, special papers and fabric, printers have caught designers’ attention.
  • By perfecting the print quality of their materials and playing with special effects, suppliers of printing materials have expanded the range of possibilities.

To develop their invaluable personalisation projects, brands and designers today need this experience and expertise.