L’AGENCEUR – The architecture and interior design magazine. It is aimed at professionals who are interested in interior design products, decoration, materials, lights, furnishings or flooring, walls and ceiling coverings. The various materials (wood, glass, composite membranes, metal, eco-materials, concrete, copper…) are addressed as a prescription solution in architecture, layout and decoration. Each material combines structural and decorative properties. Creators of atmospheres or supporting elements, these materials combine both aesthetic and technical advantages. L’AGENCEUR gives the architect, the decorator, the agency, the craftsman, the installer and the distributer the information they need in terms of product innovations, market news, techniques, new trends and the variety of the materials used in interior design as well as in the individual and collective housing, HORECA, open-to-the-public buildings… L’AGENCEUR directly reaches decision-makers, architects, interior architects, decorators, designers, interior designers…

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