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The "My..." phenomenon THE HOLY GRAIL

From customised messages to materials

The “personal printer” is constantly evolving.

In other words, a printer capable of continually drawing on their expertise to create unique solutions, according to their customers’ requests. The catalogue of standard solutions is no more. This new-generation printer is flexible. For them, each order is a new adventure.

Personalising the message, the product, the space – that’s the challenge.

While unique products have until now been the reserve of luxury brands, this is no longer the case.

Coca Cola with Share a coke, Nike with Nike ID, Carrefour with, Absolut with Unique… all of these brands have paved the way to increased product personalisation. They now use the same strategy for their communications.

  • When it comes to printed communications, advertisers no longer wish to reach out to all their customers en masse with the same brochure. Messages are now targeted and personalised to avoid ending up in the bin. The rise of digital technologies has gone hand-in-hand with this change. Even better, it has amplified it.
  • New tools now make it possible to produce one design in hundreds of different versions, in hundreds of colours and in hundreds of formats. Thanks to high-quality randomised customisation models, it only takes a few minutes to create amazing results. The standard example of this type of application is business cards printed with personalised messages on the back.

Some are going even further and moving beyond personalisation to individualisation.

This is no longer just about adapting a product based on different options, but producing a unique object based on the client’s characteristics. The first step in this process is naming, a process which involves putting your name on a product. There are many examples, such as MyBurberry and My M&M’s, Swiss&Me or the latest LV&Me programme…  But it is possible to go even further and personalise the material itself.

With the move to individualisation, the challenge now is to integrate complex data in advance.

It would then be a simple process that would allow for the right message (or the right content) to be sent to the right target (consumer, influencer, citizen, etc.) via the right channel. Child’s play.