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From "fast fashion"
to textile design

3.2 billion m2 of digitally-printed textiles in 2019 (source: Info Trends).

Polyesters, cottons and linens, silks…

Printing on textiles has become a highly creative industry where the only limits are the imaginations of its users.

Well known for its uses in the field of personalised t-shirts, it now covers many sectors, notably fashion, visual communication, and interior design.

The market is vast, and the techniques are many.

From direct digital printing to sublimation, via silkscreen printing, a range of solutions exists to meet the needs of brands and advertisers. In both small and large formats.
The technical progress that has been made in recent years is dazzling. Both in terms of the print quality and the variety of solutions on offer.

The latest generation of textile printing enables printers and the industry as a whole to be more responsive and creative.

It encourages better stock management thanks to the development of small runs and print on-demand solutions. It involves relocating production, with collections that are easier to renew collections and develop prototypes. It makes it possible to personalise products directly on the production lines.

Because it’s supple and recyclable, because it’s light and resistant, and because it’s personalisable on-demand, textile is a medium in keeping with the times.

Now, textile designers, interior designers, fashion designers, and artistic directors are all closely involved in this process, which allows them to expand their offering.